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Rain & Cancellation Policy

Rain & Cancellation Policy

Rain happens, don't despair!

You NEVER lose with Funtime Amusements! We always do our best to satisfy you.

If It Rains on the Day of Your Event

An Event Coordinator will call approximately one to two hours before your scheduled start time.

Then the Event Coordinator will help you with one of the following options:

  1. In case of drizzle or light rain, we can still operate our outdoor equipment. Or if you would like we will help you change your order for activities that can be done indoors (depending upon equipment availability). If you ask us to set up our equipment and it SUBSEQUENTLY RAINS, Payment in full is expected. (No discounts for unused time)
  2. We can reschedule the event for another day (depending upon equipment availability).
  3. If it is raining and you decide to cancel totally, on the day of your event, your deposit will be held as store credit. Credit will apply to your next contract but cannot be used as a deposit for the contract. Credit expires thirteen (13) months after the cancellation date.
  4. If cancellation on the day of the event is NOT weather related your deposit MAY be retained as compensation. (A minimum 20% will be charged.)
  5.  Casino events have a 50% cancellation fee.

Should you decide to reschedule for ANY reason BEFORE the day of your event, we will reschedule, depending upon equipment availability, at a charge to you of 20% of your contract total.

Deposits are non-refundable.